Restoring Wellbeing and Inner Peace

Group workshops available to learn simple craniosacral skills to become aware of obstacles existing to manifest inner peace and live a life with mind/body/spirit balance. We explore our inner state, learn to know ourselves better, and practice the awareness of dissolution of obstacles and charged emotions we hold in our bodies. As we witness the dissolution of past memories and emotional charges, we open, focus and connect deeper with our true esence, innocent, peaceful, joyful beings. As a beautiful result of this, we become more energized and vibrantly living life. Transform and reveal the  best angel of your being. Know yourself. Love yourself and others. Dare to live the life of your dreams. Dream and allow manifestation to take place.




Release TMJ tension; Offer freedom to the Avenue of Expression

Release any tension from birthing process.

The Gift of Peace

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October 24 2014

October 26 2014

For everyone interested in Craniosacral Healing sessions in beautiful Galveston Island! I will be driving to the island to offer craniosacral healing sessions. All of you interested please contact me through Facebook message, or email: ; or call (787)342-1603. Special discount fee for groups. I'm excited about driving to beautiful Galveston Island to offer you a peaceful, safe space to restore body/mind/spirit wellness, balance and peace. Next  

October 22 2014

Aqua4Oneness posted an offer.

October 22 2014

We are celebrating one year in Aqua4Oneness!! Special opportunity for the next two weeks. I will be offering 50 minutes Craniosacral healing sessions in the water or outside the water, for $65.00. Only for limited time. A saving of more than 30% from the regular fee with the blessing of a deep profound peaceful session. This Friday I have 2 openings outside the water, 2pm and 4pm. Saturday October 25th, I have two openings for sessions in the water, 2pm and 4pm. Give yourself a space to relax  

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Phone: 787-342-1603