Relax, Restore, Rebirth

Restoring Wellbeing and Peace


Advanced Craniosacral healing sessions in the water and/or land for stress management, physical and emotional wellbeing, mind/body/spirit balance, deep relaxation, peace and awakening to spiritual oneness.

Celtic Reiki Sessions (Remote Sessions Available)

The Inner Wellness program is design with the intention of assisting people in their healing journey. Offering Healing sessions in the water and/or land, providing a quiet,  peaceful space, where Mind, Body and Soul can align to restore wellbeing.
I offer healing sessions at the ocean in Puerto Rico, or private pools (Puerto Rico and Houston, Texas). 
I travel offering healing sessions, retreats and workshops related to our healing journey and how to restore wellbeing and peace.

Experience and Magnify Inner Peace in the Water, alone or with your loved ones