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December 5 2013

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June 17 2018

Evento: Flotando por la Paz; Agosto 25 & 26/ 2018, Cabo Rojo y Hatillo, Puerto Rico

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October 26 2014

For everyone interested in Craniosacral Healing sessions in beautiful Galveston Island! I will be driving to the island to offer craniosacral healing sessions. All of you interested please contact me through Facebook message, or email:

October 24 2014

October 22 2014

Aqua4Oneness posted an offer.

October 22 2014

We are celebrating one year in Aqua4Oneness!! Special opportunity for the next two weeks. I will be offering 50 minutes Craniosacral healing sessions in the water or outside the water, for $65.00. Only for limited time. A saving of more than 30%...  

August 26 2014

CranioSacral Healing: A Gift of Grace
Few years ago, God gave me the opportunity to assist a young boy after a car accident. I was part of his first healing team. The first time I saw him, he had one arm and one leg tied to the bed, so he wouldn't...  

August 10 2014

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July 3 2014

Craniosacral Therapy is a soft, gentle way to awaken the body's ability to return to balance. Call today for a session!
"We credit God with wisdom and skill to perform perfect work on the house of life in which man lives" A.T. Still

June 21 2014

All healing sessions in the water are wonderful. Sometimes, God showers more  Grace and it becomes an experience of total joy, bliss and oneness! I'm grateful and deeply humbled by it.

June 5 2014

Finding space and time for stillness, silence, serenity, is a great way to release stress and experience physical, emotional and spiritual harmony. We offer you that space for stillness and silence in Aqua4Oneness! Set an appointment today!